Together we are Feeding Northeast Florida.

One-in-six adults and one-in-four children face hunger in our community. Your gift today will be MATCHED so we can feed more children and families in our community!


Feeding Northeast Florida feeds local children & families, seniors, and veterans who struggle to put food on the table. Working with local grocery stores, manufacturers, and farms we rescue high-quality food that would normally be wasted and transform it into meals for those in need. Your gift today will be MATCHED so we can provide even more healthy, nutritious food to these families in need.


Thousands of people in our community will go to bed hungry tonight. These are not lazy, unemployed people. They have jobs, houses, families. They are your next door neighbor, working two jobs to pay the bills, with nothing left at the end of the day for dinner. They are your child's teacher, selflessly educating our next generation but giving little back to themselves. They are your daughter's best friend, showing up for school on Monday in the same clothes she wore on Friday.

Your gift when MATCHED will provide double the meals to families in need this holiday season.